DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine

DreamStation BiPAP Pro Features
Intuitive menu system: Graphics based menu stimulated with the aid of cellphone navigation for ease of use
Ambient mild sensor: Automatically adjusts screen brightness for sunlight hours or nighttime viewing
Top-established hose outlet: Swivel outlet rotates a hundred and eighty┬░ for freedom of movement
Detachable humidifier: The humidifier separates to journey even lighter
Simplified layout: Easy access to water chamber for filling and cleansing
Integrated Bluetooth: Wirelessly connects with DreamMapper or Alice NightOne portable sleep diagnostic device
Daily progress comments: Displays preceding 3 nights therapy outcomes to track progress
SD Card and compliance codes: Easily share sleep information with the care group
Two-step air filtration device: Ultra-pleasant filter presents additional filtration of very exceptional particles Has a effective suite of features to help commercial enterprise and sufferers. Has an available and consumer-pleasant menu designed to offer alerts and sleep outcomes for CPAP customers

DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine Benefits

Optional Heated Humidifier
Integrate the system and humidifier to help relieve dryness and congestion. With the particular ;Preheat; feature, the humidifier can begin warming the water chamber half-hour before the supposed use. Ensure the blower is grew to become OFF and the humidifier is connected before deciding on to preheat the tool. The DreamStation device has the flexibility to be updated even as in operation. Use the manipulate dial to alternate the tube temperature or humidification settings. Please Note: The screen does no longer have touch screen skills

Bluetooth Connection to DreamMapper App
The DreamStation CPAP has a built-in bluetooth connection which permits the tool to pair directly with the Philips Respironics DreamMapper cell and net-primarily based software. Enable the bluetooth function and download the SleepMapper app onto a smartphone or pill (now not included) to start reviewing distinctive sleep outcomes. The free app gives the person the possibility to customise the facts monitoring account.
Please Note: The results are handiest available on one tool at a time

EZ-Start Technology
Designed to lessen the consumer;s prescribed pressure setting at some point of the first 30 days of operation. The cause is to adjust the consumer to the pressure by using beginning with half of the prescribed strain
Please Note: A minimal pressure of 5cm H2O is required to apply the EZ-Start characteristic
After obtaining a a hit session of four or more hours of sleep, EZ-Start will regularly growth the strain by 1cm H2O. This process will hold for 30 days till the user reaches their recommended strain. If the aim isn’t always met earlier than the primary 30 days, EZ-Start is designed to start increasing 1cm H2O according to day until reaching the prescribed strain. At the prescribed pressure, the device will flow into everyday CPAP mode. To permit or disable EZ-Start, the system should be in CPAP mode

Bi-Flex Pressure Relief
Feature used to create a extra herbal respiration sample throughout CPAP therapy. The DreamStation BiPAP Pro makes use of Flex Technology to offer comfort at some point of 3 factors inside the respiration cycle. Pressure is reduced through zero.5 increments at some stage in the transition from exhalation to inhalation, inhalation to exhalation, and during exhalation. The Bi-Flex setting can be adjusted up to at least one.Five cm H2O for maximum consolation.

Ramp and SmartRamp
Ramp is intended to gently growth CPAP pressure from 1/2 of the prescribed stress to the full stress within a chosen time frame. To function the Ramp feature, a CPAP strain of 4cm H2O is needed. Then, choose a time ranging from 5 minutes to forty five minutes to allow the system to construct the pressure in increments of 0.5cm H2O earlier than achieving the prescribed pressure
In BiPAP mode, SmartRamp makes use of an Auto algorithm to balance decrease inhalation and exhalation pressures. The device starts the Ramp system with a reduced exhalation stress. Changes to the pressure are made on a breath by breath foundation, till an event is detected. Once the BiPAP Pro detects an event, the system will go back to the BiPAP mode so as to deliver the endorsed EPAP and IPAP. If the minimal prescribed stress is not reached before Ramp is whole, the pressure will growth by using 1 cm H2O each minute until the tool reaches the advocated pressure

Advanced Event Detection
PR uses a patented set of rules to monitor breathing patterns implemented to reply to bizarre strain adjustments. The Auto-Trak system in this machine measures variable triggers and cycle thresholds to routinely modify the pressure and catch up on leakage. This device is designed to behave proactively by way of identifying elements of the respiration cycle.
Upon detecting an event, the REMStar Auto algorithm is ready to reply through automatically adjusting strain ranges to clean the apnea. Within some seconds, the DreamStation BIPAP Pro begins pulsing a series of pressures to determine if the apnea has been cleared
Proactive Performance: Proactive overall performance recognizes and controls early signs of waft difficulty, that can lead to an actual obstruction or apnea. The Auto algorithm uses two airflow measurements to prevent pressures from becoming too high
Leak Management: The DreamStation BiPAP will monitor mask leaks and evaluate effects towards an predicted leak price. Pressure is adjusted routinely as needed to help hold remedy stress to the person, together with the ability to lessen stress to assist re-establish a masks seal
Obstructive Sleep Apnea: OSA is described as activities that lessen 80% of airflow for at the least 10 seconds
Hypopnea: A hypopnea is an event that reduces 40% of airflow for at the very least 10 seconds
Flow Limitation: Flow obstacle is measured thru four exceptional baselines of the breathing waveform: Roundness, Flatness, Peak, and Shape
Vibratory Snoring: Snoring can every so often imitate a hypopnea occasion. Advanced detection allows this machine to measure vibrations and partial airway blockage
RERAs: Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals vary from a hypopnea or loud night breathing event in that a RERA suggests growing breathing effort with every breath, culminating in a shift in brain wave hobby and now not always a result of obstruction. Periodic breathing situations along with Cheyne-Stokes breathing and imperative apneas are distinguishable from obstructed apnea or loud night breathing activities
SmartRamp: SmartRamp facilitates control apnea activities whilst users attempt to fall asleep. This DreamStation BiPAP Pro tool can react to an occasion because the Ramp is progressing

LCD On-Screen Display
PRs DreamStation Series turned into built with a simplistic and practical LCD display. While the User Interface is in use, the display screen is properly lit. As the lights within the room are dimmed, the display screen;s sensor is designed expel the mild from the display screen
Please Note: The manipulate dial is used to view the menu. Th bilevel positive airway pressure display screen does no longer have touch display competencies
Sleep consequences are posted on the User Interface to display consequences and desires for sleep therapy
The first screen accounts for a “Three Night Summary” that’s decided after 12pm on the third day of remedy. Refer to the User Interface to view the consequences as they update each day
Daily sleep compliance results are provided after the most latest session. If the person sleeps four or more hours, the consultation is considered successful, rendering a inexperienced bar on the right side of the display screen. If the user does no longer reach the anticipated four hour mark, the remedy might be stated by using a yellow bar in the right nook of the display screen
The 2nd display screen is in place for the first ninety days except the sleep intention is met earlier than the final touch of this time. The statistics details the range of compliant nights recorded over the previous 30 days. A minimum of 21 successful four hour nights is wanted to reach the 70% preferred goal as a way to surpass the display screen earlier than the give up of ninety days
Philips Respironics Dry Box
Dry Box generation was created to help lessen the threat of water damage when the OPTIONAL humidifier is used with the DreamStation device. In the instance that water may additionally break out from the chamber, the Dry Box is designed to trap the water in the partitions of the unit to save you water from visiting at some stage in the machine and humidifier connection. Additionally, the air outlet port makes use of a one manner valve to save you water from exiting the water chamber and coming into the machine. The air outlet port is positioned on the top of the water chamber to assist decrease total water displacement

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