Arranged Marriages: A Critical Analysis Essay

Arranged marriages have existed in India from the days of yore. Various troubles concerning the professionals and cons of organized marriage have won ground with main writers and different agencies. A essential exam of the analyses exhibits that the general public favors their own decision in most instances. To arrive at a appropriate selection, I actually have chosen 3 arguments for and 3 arguments against arranged marriages in India.

The benefit of arranged marriage
Sudhir Kakar, a journalist with India Today, one of the main magazines in India, reviews that the advantage of arranged marriage is that it takes away the young person’s anxiety round locating a mate. (Kakar, 2007). Yet some other view holds that arranged marriages offer extra protection to the girl as  speed dating 活動 she receives mature advice from her dad and mom in deciding on her mate. (Arranged Marriages). The 0.33 reason is that the tradition and subculture of the unique caste or community are preserved. (Arranged Marriages).

The arguments that pass towards the proposition are that the children do not recognise each other or recognize every different. This outcomes in incompatibility. Arranged marriages deliver upward push to the threat of parents getting overprotective and controlling their youngsters’s needs and goals in selecting their accomplice and the family participants of the young couple frequently intervene in their topics which prepares grounds for loss of individuality. (Love vs. Arranged). In the desperate try and keep subculture and culture, money is swindled as dowry. (Arranged Marriages and Dowry, 1999-2006). The caste device exists which offers prominence to racism. (Classification of Marriage).

These points prepare the reader to arrive on the fallacies and subsequently analyze the two facets pretty and rationally.

While discussing the points in prefer of arranged marriage, the writer does now not seem to have taken a stand in favor but he has supplied proof to show that arranged marriage is an outlet for the youngsters to triumph over their tension. It is to be stated that the range of argument is questionable and that the evidence that he has supplied is not logical sufficient. Coming to the second one argument, the writer does not express his opinion in desire of arranged marriage yet, he has dealt with the touchy issue of protection of the rights of a lady. As a commonplace exercise, he has selected testimony from ancient Indian and western cultures.

The evidence has now not been given explicitly. In solution to the 0.33 argument, the writer has now not taken a company stand favoring arranged marriage but, he believes that through organized marriage the culture of a network is preserved and subsequently giving upward thrust to destiny tendencies of culture and subculture in India. The writer has substantiated this from historic Indian lifestyle to the prevailing.

The factors towards arranged marriages
Coming to the points in opposition to arranged marriages, the author appears to have concluded that organized marriages are inadequate to provide emotional protection because the newlyweds are strangers to each different. This frequently offers upward thrust to misunderstanding. There is likewise interference of the family members and needless bickering inside the name of faith. Money is swindled, the bride is pressured and in the call of dowry, she is often degraded.

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It additionally promotes racism. These arguments aren’t well evidenced. Small samples had been noted to verify the perspectives. Suppressed evidence run thru which doesn’t account for a practical approach to the above-cited downside. The author doesn’t look at statistics or provide concrete information for reference.

From the above paragraphs, it is able to be rightly concluded that the arguments that cross against arranged marriages are stronger than the arguments in desire.

From the proof and arguments from both facets, perspectives against organized marriages are enlightening. The reasons are enumerated below:

Sharmin, in her article, Arranged Marriages: Then and Now has advised that ‘qualities of a individual have to be given its due significance over the famous attributes (own family status, appearance, activity, degrees)’ there’s a powerful intensity to recognize the which means of the word “recognise the character.” (Arranged Marriage: Then and Now 2006)

This reasoning asserts that the character of the man or woman is more important than the superficial identity of the lady or boy. The girl and the boy should know each different’s variations and alternatives so that there may be mutual knowledge in the future years. Time has to be given to them. This proof reiterates the want for emotional security, that’s a essential factor within the life of a female due to the fact she has to spend the relaxation of her existence along with her in-laws being dealt with as an interloper as opposed to one many of the family.

According to every other opinion ‘In India the evil of dowry, caste and community problems and the concept of matching horoscopes from time to time taken to its intense degree, have contributed a whole lot to the arguments against arranged marriages” (Classification of Marriage). The evil practice of dowry has taken many innocent lives and the greed doesn’t stop. Parents with women are burdened. No doubt the rate of girl infanticides is the highest. Matching horoscopes has became fraudulent as the astrologers are bribed and really regularly it results in the death of 1 companion! This is strong evidence. Though the fashion appears to have passed through slight modifications, yet the custom prevails.

Parents’ interferences in family matters ruin the individuality of the couples. This is a striking factor that has to be stated.

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